The venue prices seen below have not be developed for profit generation. This pricing is intended to generate sufficient funds for regular upkeep as well as scheduled maintenance and preservation of this historic site. Any proceeds that exceed these purposes are donated to local charities. Please contact us for a comprehensive quote for your group’s specific needs.

Photography Shoot Location Rental

All Above Ground Property (2hr access): $500

All Above Ground Property and Tasting Cellar (3hr access): $750

Hulda’s Rock Amphitheater

$500 plus $2 per person (3hr access); 64 person seated capacity, maximum 120 with additional bleachers

Vin Villa Ruins Only

$1000 plus $3 per person (5hr access); 84 person seated capacity, maximum 150

Vin Villa Ruins, Grounds, and Hulda’s Rock Amphitheater

$1500 plus $3 per person (7hr access); maximum occupancy of 500

Vin Villa Wine Cellars Only

$2000 (5hr access); maximum occupancy of 28

Vin Villa Wine Cellars and Ruins

$2500 plus $3 per person after the first 28 (6hr access); maximum occupancy of 150